This 6 to 8 week Boot camp(Depending upon schedule) will take you from fundmentals of Dimensional Modeling through Specialization as a Data Warehouse consultant. Most Business Analysts join us immediately after graduating college with undergraduate degrees in fields that include Business,Engineering and the Liberal arts.Other join after gaining industry experience else where.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to DevOps in Cloud Environment

Learning Objectives:In this module, you will be introduced to DevOps and AWS Services. You will also learn to implement different Developer Tools offered by AWS.


  • Understanding DevOps and its lifecycle
  • Why DevOps on Cloud?
  • Why DevOps?
  • What is DevOps?
  • DevOps Market Trends
  • DevOps Engineer Skills
  • DevOps Delivery Pipeline
  • DevOps Ecosystem
  • What is version control
  • What is Git
  • Introduction to AWS
  • DevOps using AWS
  • AWS Developer tools
  • DevOps Main Objectives
  • DevOps and Software Development Life Cycle, Waterfall Model, Agile Model
  • Continuous Integration & Deployment –Jenkins
  • Containers and Virtual Development –Docker, Vagrant
  • Configuration Management Tools –Ansible, Puppet, Chef

Automating infrastructure with Cloud Formation

In this module, you will learn how to use CloudFormation Templates to model and provision the AWS resources in an automated and secure manner for your application.


  • Introduction to Cloud Formation
  • Cloud Formation Structure
  • Intrinsic Functions & C

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